OMG- Oh My God! – A movie that makes you think

20 Nov

Oh My God! – One of those new-age movies that made it big in Bollywood this year. Made at a budget of Rs. 20 crores, it has now achieved a box office collection of Rs. 79 crores, completed a successful stint of 50 days yesterday and is still going strong in many centres. This is a good sign that Indian filmmakers are slowly moving away from the typical boy-meets-girl and dancing around trees routine and are trying their hand at meaningful cinema.

Coming back to OMG Oh My God!, it is a simple story of a non-believer turning into a believer. I too have always considered myself to be a believer, but my beliefs have always been disputed because I don’t follow the conventional and socially accepted norms of worship. So, when a film like Oh My God! came, it just reiterated my beliefs.  In my opinion, these are the top 5 points that director Umesh Shukla and his team want to make:

  1. God will only show you the path. Reaching the destination is up to you.
  2.  It’s always better to be God loving than to be God fearing. God knows what’s best and will not let anything bad happen to you. Whatever happens is His wish and part of a bigger plan. There’s nothing to fear.
  3. We should stop humanizing God as if He were a lesser mortal like you and me. Instilling fear among devotees and making them perform irrational acts in the name of God is like an “exchange offer”. God does not have any expectations from us and would always love us.
  4. God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. (These are my dad’s favorite lines. I won’t blame you if you don’t understand these meanings : -P). God does not live in temples. As God, played by Akshay Kumar says in the movie, the world is too beautiful for me to be sitting in those dark four walls. God is within yourself.
  5. God does not want rituals. Why should one waste so much oil in temples, when there are people who cannot even afford to cook one square meal a day? Why waste so much milk as offerings over idols of Gods when we can fill the stomachs of so many children?
  6. Religion serves no purpose in a person’s life, apart from making him feel helpless and victimized.

Of course, there’s no denying that no two people think alike and possibly, you might not agree with the views expressed in Oh My God!. Every person has a unique and distinct idea of God and nobody is wrong.  But no doubt, making a film like this in a country like India which is largely ruled by blind faith and the fact that that it has been well-received by the audiences proves that mindsets are changing.

What are your views on God! I’d love to know. Till then, God bless you all!! 🙂


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