Movie Review – Table No.21

8 Jan

To begin with, Happy New Year!!May the New Year bring in all what you ever desired for!
The first movie I watched in 2013 – Table No. 21. Although the promos seemed different, I wasn’t too keen on watching this movie. But as usual, for want of anything better to do, I went and watched it over the weekend. And I wasn’t disappointed!
The movie is essentially about Vivaan (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Sia (Tena Desae) who have been married for 5 years and win a holiday to Fiji on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. After a few days of relaxing in the sands and whispering sweet nothings to each other, they are invited to a resort on the last day of their vacation. They meet Khan (Paresh Rawal) , the owner of the resort who offers them a golden opportunity to participate in an online game show. Considering Vivaan is out of work and the game seems too good to be true with a prize money of 21 crore rupees, the couple is tempted and accept to play the game. There are only 2 rules in the game show – you can’t leave the show midway and you can’t lie.
The movie then progresses with 8 tasks that the couple has to perform in order to win. Two tasks down, they soon realize that the game is not a piece of cake afterall. Some ugly truths from their past are re-discovered and some hidden secrets come out of the closet. They realize that inspite of a 5 year courtship followed by a 5 year old marriage, the two don’t know a lot about each other. What these tasks are and how the couple handles the challenges thrown to them forms the main premise of the film.
It’s clearly not a perfect movie. Some tasks appear downright silly, but looking back at it, they were there for a purpose. The lead pair is good in the emotional sequences, but their performances in the romantic and light scenes leave a lot to be asked for. But nevertheless, I’ve been a Rajeev Khandelwal fan right from his daily soap days and I really appreciate his choice of films till now. He’s going on the right track. Overall, though the script is great, a little more sophistication and poise was needed in the direction.
The climax is fantastic and totally unexpected and gives a good message to society without being preachy about it. I somehow got the feeling that they wrote the climax first and then worked backwards and wove a story around it! Paresh Rawal is good as Khan, the manipulative game show host though most of the credit goes to his stylist. The movie is very fast paced and does not leave you much time to feel bored or contemplate too much on any particular scene. I would rate it a 3 on 5 and would certainly recommend you all to watch it. It’s much better than a lot of trash being offered in the name of good cinema these days. This is a thriller worth watching.


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