Movie Review – Kai Po Che

25 Feb

Going through many Facebook updates, I think my review of Kai Po Che comes in pretty late. The hype around the movie seems to have worked wonders and many people seem to have flocked to the theatres to catch the movie Kai Po Che.
I kind of knew what to expect, having read India’s favourite author – Chethan Bhagat’s novel – The 3 Mistakes of my Life. And to be honest, I didn’t think the book was great and was wondering how well they can transform this into a movie. They did a good job, I must say.

It’s a story about friendship. Friendship between 3 childhood friends – Rajkumar Yadav as Govind Patel, Amit Sadh as Omi and Sushant Singh Rajput as Ishaan. They all decide to do business together and in this process, set up a shop which sells sporting equipment. Govind doubles up as a tuition teacher to kids in the vicinity while Sushant plays coach to budding cricketers, being a District Level Champion himself. All is well, until some three not-so favourable circumstances surface, testing their friendship. What is particularly interesting is that these three circumstances are real-life incidents and this makes the audience easily identify with the movie and its characters.
The first event is the massive earthquake which struck Gujarat in 2006. And with this, the shop of their dreams comes crumbling down, leaving nothing behind except crushed dreams, a huge debt and a pile of debris. A series of misunderstandings leaves the friends separated, until the next event, the historic India-Australia test series helps unite them again. Meanwhile, Omi decides to take a plunge into politics and unknowingly finds himself engulfed in caste-based politics and plays a pivotal role in the gruesome Godhra communal riots.

The screenplay is fabulous and all 3 incidents seamlessly blend into the plot. Amrita Puri, who plays Ishaan’s sister who is also having a clandestine affair with her tuition teacher and brother’s best friend, Govind, looks refreshing and plays her part well. Music director, Amit Trivedi excels as he manages to bring in a flavor of Gujarat into every sound track. The movie is full of wondrous moments that make you smile. The bond shared the 3 protagonists is very real and has a genuine feel-good factor to it. All 3 of them do complete justice to their roles with Govind essaying the sincere, yet money-minded simpleton, Omi, as the vulnerable and sensitive youngster who is always faced with a moral dilemma of sorts and Ishaan as the hot-tempered yet large-hearted and fun-loving cricketer. It’s really difficult to say which of the 3 is better but maybe, I have a bias for Sushant having seen him right from his ‘Pavitra Rishta’ days. His extremely good looks works to his advantage and his very presence on the screen is a delight.

The editing could have been crisper and I felt it a little bland at parts. Sometimes I felt that even after such big misfortunes, things fell into place very smoothly for them, without any ground breaking effort! But overall, it’s a real film with real characters, having their own strengths and weaknesses. Comparing this to a Dil Chahta Hai or a Rang de Basanti would be a crime and is not fair on either of these movies and so I won’t go on that direction. I would rate this 3.5 out of 5, and say that this movie has something for everybody! Definitely worth a watch. It wouldn’t be a mistake ;).


One Response to “Movie Review – Kai Po Che”

  1. Vijay Krishna February 25, 2013 at 10:19 am #

    I liked the movie though I never read the book. So I am not sure if the movie resembles the book. I liked the performances of all the 3 lead actors and also of the only lead actress in the movie. Some how I felt, there was no message coming across from the movie. It was story but I did find any message, unless they were trying to convey that ‘You cannot override destiny’ or ‘Manage your anger’. Overall, i felt it was a good story but without a proper ending to it..

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