I, Me Aur Main – Movie Review

12 Mar

I’ve been out of action for a while, so I’ve got a friend to write the review of John Abraham starrer – I, Me Aur Main. Priya is a chartered accountant and a self confessed John Abraham fan. This is her first attempt at blogging and so I would want to thank her for donning the hat of “guest blogger” for Movies, Musings ‘N’ More! So here goes!

“For Mallika, My first attempt at movie reviews :)”
Being a diehard John Abraham fan, I had to watch his latest release I, Me Aur Main on the very first day but unfortunately, managed to see it a good 10 days after the movie was released. It’s already been declared an average movie, going by the current box-office collections. However, that still didn’t stop me from watching it (though I had to literally drag my friend who wasn’t very keen on watching it after reading the bad reviews) and I am glad I watched it. I would give it a 3 out of 5, with 1 star dedicated especially for the unconventional ending.

The movie starts with a scene where a brother and sister are playing and get a casual fight. The mother doesn’t listen to the daughter and blindly supports the son and calls him the best. That is our hero Ishaan, portrayed by John Abraham who has grown up believing that he is always right. Fast forward a few years later, he is shown to be in a live-in relationship with Anushka (Chitrangada Singh) where he behaves irresponsibly and takes her for granted all the time. This ultimately leads to their breakup due to which he then moves into a new apartment where he meets Gauri (Prachi Desai), his neighbour who is an independent and friendly girl. There is an instant friendship between the two where Ishaan likes Gauri more with each passing day. He is going through a difficult phase in his career and Gauri is his support system in these troubled times. Meanwhile Anushka is pregnant with Ishaan’s child and she tries to tell him about it but Ishaan has moved on in his life and just ignores her. Ishaan’s mother is angry when she comes to know how her son is running away from his responsibility and realises it’s her fault that she never pointed out his mistakes earlier and always supported him. Ultimately, after a series of occurrences, Ishaan finally realises his folly and now has to choose between the two women in his life.

I can totally understand why it didn’t appeal to the common man in India as it doesn’t go with stereotyped “Indian culture”, where women are expected to succumb and adjust to the circumstances they’re in, for the sake of family honour and the likes. Nor does the film attempt to be preachy or morally correct. The movie has also very well captured the typical male chauvinism which is evident in most middle class households even today where the mother spoils the male child by telling him he’s always right. And for a change, they’ve even portrayed the women as very successful people in their own right.

Well, I would like to add that the acting skills of all the 3 leading actors are not that great and the editing could have been crisper. But on the whole, I didn’t get bored watching the movie. The debutant director, Kapil Sharma has done a good job, but all in all, a non conventional movie which I would want every urban Indian to watch :).


5 Responses to “I, Me Aur Main – Movie Review”

  1. SS March 12, 2013 at 12:41 pm #

    I haven’t watched the movie but nevertheless couldn’t stop appreciating the effort by priya who is a first time blogger and is writing a movie review for the first time (thought it doesn’t sound so). The review has been short and crisp providing the reader with a clear synopsis of the movie. It had been so subtle that you get hold of the theme but still know that you need to watch the movie to get hold of it. Of course professional and some of the movie critics have few things to learn here who beat around the bush and leave the reader confused. Hats off priya, I’m gonna watch this movie and keep writing, you can excel and we may also have some ways to save our hard earned money 🙂

    • Priya March 12, 2013 at 1:05 pm #

      @ Dear SS, thanks for the positive response, the credit really goes to Mallika for the superb editing 🙂 watch this space for more good reviews and keep commenting 🙂

  2. Guest! March 12, 2013 at 7:48 pm #

    Dont really agree with your statement – “I can totally understand why it didn’t appeal to the common man in India as it doesn’t go with stereotyped “Indian culture”, where women are expected to succumb and adjust to the circumstances they’re in, for the sake of family honour and the likes” – My take – If at all this movie does anything is encourage guys like the one in the movie to play around with girls and escape without taking any sense of responsibility and what i as viewer get to see is that again one of the two women (Chitrangda Singh- god knows what she is upto) adjust without any complains…and the other one too (Prachi Desai – played the part very unconvincingly) adjusting to what his boyfreind had done continues to be in a relationship with him. Duh! They are shown weak and compromising here as well. As for John he is a director’s actor and i feel the director left him in the lurch..all in all a complete waste of money! Zero entertainment..zero message (it wasnt expected either) makes you leave the theater feeling robbed.As for editing i guess the editor had very less choice …there was no story or connectivity..for him to edit any further ..for example..scenes at Ishaan’s work place appears to have been canned without any story,script or screenplay planning.

    • Priya March 13, 2013 at 5:58 am #

      @ Dear Guest, thanks for sharing your opinion with us, I do agree with your views on the acting skills of all the actors, Prachi’s role is not written well, her lack of emotion towards John’s earlier realationship is something beyond comprehension. I however do not agree that the movie encourages guys to play around with girls, it actually shows how most guys behave with women, the irresponsibility and lack of maturity and the male ego is shown well in the movie. As far as Chitrangda Singh’s role is concerned, she shows maturity and grace in letting go of someone she loves as she realises he is not the right person for her.

      Having said this I would like to add that each person is entitled to have their views and I totally respect yours.

  3. Suryanarayana Rao March 14, 2013 at 4:51 am #

    For a first timer the review by the guest is really commendable.As I have not watched and do not intend to do so I can not talk on the movie.I liked John as a freedom fighter in a Deepa mehtha movie donning a dress the like of which my father a real freedom fighter was wearing.

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