TRAVELOGUE: The Krabi Kronicles – Day 2

14 Mar

I’ve got Priya to write about Day 2 for us. So, handing over to Priya:-

“Day 2 started early. 6.30 A.M in the morning to be precise. We got ready and had a quick breakfast as there was hardly any vegetarian food in the huge buffet breakfast spread and rushed to the hotel lobby awaiting our tour guide to pick us up for the Four Islands Tour. We saw a lot of tourists from different countries across the globe waiting there and this made for a colorful sight.  We had to wait for over an hour as our cab driver decided to give Meena some sleep in the hotel lobby ;), while Mallika and I were just looking around at the crowd slowly thinning as most of them left with their respective tour guides. Our guide finally arrived; we woke up a sleepy Meena and were directed to a speed boat which would be our vehicle for the day. DSC00623 In the speed boat we had Indian as well as foreign co- passengers. We had a young girl as our onboard guide, who was quite an entertainer. DSC00480 We had to travel for around half an hour to reach the first exotic island and all along we saw beautiful postcard-like views outside.


The first island we saw was Tub / Tap island. It’s the perfect island with white sand and very clear shallow water, ideal for exploring on foot. We could actually walk along the sandy causeway joining the neighboring island. We were given an hour to roam around the island and we three had a good time walking around the knee- deep water, posing for photos on razer sharp rock/ dead corals and of course, getting our fingers cut in the process. 🙂

 Our next stop was the Chicken Island, which got its name because of a limestone rock in the shape of a chicken head and neck. We were given a snorkeling mask and life jacket here to try snorkeling, which is the major attraction in this island. Mallika and Meena did a lot of exploring and swimming in about 3- 4 meters of sea water in the Andaman Sea.


 I, on the other hand, handicapped because of not knowing how to swim, had to take the support of our helpful lady guide and a mattress to help me and a few other non-swimmers like me to float. We were confined to seeing various colourful fish near our speed boat, nevertheless the experience was awesome as this was the first time we saw fish in this close proximity and some even brave enough to touch us.


Again we were just given 45 minutes to snorkel, before we headed to Poda Island. We were quite hungry when we reached this island and were thankfully given a pre- packed lunch box which we could eat in the island. The food was not great as being vegetarian, we only had some few boiled vegetables and plain rice in the lunch box. But thanks to Meena, who was carrying some sweetmeats with her, we had a dessert also apart from the plain lunch, which we relished after the meal. The Poda island is the smallest island we visited, we had a 270 degree view of the sea in this beach, which was breath taking. We had excellent scenery in the beach and we had a gala time clicking pictures and generally loafing around.
We left wanting more of this beautiful island and eagerly looked forward to the next island. Our last stop was the Phra Nang cave island, which as its name suggests has huge caves which had excellent rappling / rock climbing opportunities. DSC00656. We again ventured into the water which was beckoning us with its clear water and the beautiful cave surrounding it, we went exploring the cave with water as high as our shoulder, which was amazing, I will let the pictures speak, no words can explain the experience.
After an hour, which was the time given to us to report back to the speed boat, we were welcomed back with slices of pineapple and watermelon, which we ate greedily after all the fun at the beach. We headed back to the place where we were picked up in the morning and to our surprise we see there was a lady selling us our own pictures in a cute frame. DSC00679
Apparently, they took it discretely while we were hurrying to board our speed boat in the morning. It was priced at 100 Baht per photo and we bought our frames and walked towards our car which dropped us back to the hotel.

We freshened up, updated our folks back home about our experiences and headed towards the local Ao Nang beach in the evening to watch the sunset. On the way to the beach, we caught sight of an Indian restaurant where we had some onion pakoda and cutlet, which were a little over priced, but tasted fine. The beach was a 10 minute walk away and as we reach the beach, we saw the sunset and then headed to do some shopping on the streets of Krabi. ”


There was a variety of goods on display and we being shopaholics found it difficult not to shop. We got a good deal by bargaining in some shops, while some were not willing to budge. We decided to buy matching T shirts, which we wore the next day 🙂 (See day 3 pictures). Our restaurant, The Taj Palace, was quite a distance from the beach and we walked and shopped all the way. We had the perfect Indian meal at the friendly restaurant and were too exhausted to walk and took the tuk tuk and came back to our hotel.


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