TRAVELOGUE: The Krabi Kronicles – Day 3

15 Mar

DSC00704Well, Day 3 also began with us waiting for our pickup at the hotel lobby at 8.30. Note the matching t-shirts, we bought yesterday 🙂

Today, the tour guide was on time, unlike yesterday and we got into a nice air-conditioned van. After a couple of other tourists were picked up, we were informed that the drive to the Emerald Pool and Hot Springs would be for about an hour and as usual, three of us slept through the entire journey!! We finally reached the Emerald Pool and our tour guide had arranged for the entrance fees while we casually strolled in, armed with cameras and looking around for this pool.

DSC00712 The board there said that we were required to walk 800 metres to reach the pool, but clearly it was more than 2 kilometres! I didn’t really think much of the scenic beauty of the walking track, but I guess for nature lovers like Meena and Priya it was good. After a hard, long walk we reached the emerald pool. Apparently, there are some porous rocks below which give it its colour. It’s sparkling green indeed and crystal clear, which is why its also called Crystal Pool. A lot of tourists of varied age groups where already enjoying themselves. We decided not to get into the water and just lazed around with our feet inside.


Looking around, there was an open-air hut for people to leave their bags and footwear in. From here, we explored a little further and found a Blue Pool as well.

Blue Pool

Blue Pool

Having clicked a few pics, we then started our walk back fearing the wrath of our guide who seemed to have an eye on his watch every 10 minutes!

From here, after a short 15 minute drive (and Meena managed to sleep through this as well!), we arrived at the Hot Springs.DSC00748 Apparently, this originates from hot volcanic chambers and hence, the temperature of the water is about 40 degrees Celsius on an average.

There were small pools of water and people soaking in the hot water. Locals like to call it Nature’s Jacuzzi and I guess that pretty much describes the whole place. The location was pretty exotic and the hot water was quite soothing, but the downside was that the water was muddy at places and hence, emitted a slight stink.


We didn’t bother to get a change of clothes and so, we walked around under the scorching summer sun to get ourselves dry before the van started again. We even managed a drink of cool coconut water there and guess what – Thai coconuts taste different from Indian ones :).

We then started back to the Ao Nang, where our hotel was and stopped for lunch at our usual Taj Palace.DSC00779 The lunch today was fabulous with Paneer Butter Masala, Dal Makhani, Jeera Rice and Butter Naan on the menu. Of course, we also were starving and did complete justice to the food served.

We got back to our room, freshened up and then decided to indulge ourselves in a Thai massage, the trademark of Thai Land. It was my first ever massage and though it was good, I think the concept of a massage is highly over-rated. We were charged 750 Baht per person (see the blog for Day 1 for the currency conversions) and also were given a cup of Thai tea at the end.
Incidentally, today was our last day in Krabi as tomorrow we were to head to Bangkok in the morning. Keep watching this space to find out our experiences of Day 4!


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