TRAVELOGUE: The Krabi Kronicles – Day 4

15 Mar

Priya pens her experiences of Day 4 as below:

“The last day of our trip started with us packing our bags to say Goodbye to Krabi. We headed to the airport after eating a quick breakfast at the hotel. We caught an early morning flight to Bangkok as we wanted to check out the shopping scene in Bangkok. We told the flight attendant at the check-in counter at Krabi our intention to shop in Bangkok as our flight to Bangalore was at 9.35 pm in the night. The attendant asked us to pay a sum of 350 baht per person to get out of the airport which we paid and later were shocked to note that we were not asked to show the receipt anywhere, neither while getting out of the Bangkok airport nor while coming back. We were not sure whether we were conned by Thai airways or it’s a compulsory fee to be paid to go around Bangkok while waiting for your connecting flight.

Anyway, we arrived at Bangkok airport 11.30 AM local time and headed straight to the tourist-friendly Metro station right inside the airport which was to take us to the Indira Square mall. The station to get down from Airport to reach Indira square mall is Ratchaprarop station which is the 6th stop from the Airport and takes approximately 25 minutes to reach. The Indira square mall is huge with everything one may need under one roof. We were delighted and started on the ground floor; we bought a variety of things to gift our loved ones and for ourselves. Here too, like the Krabi shopkeepers, some believed in bargaining while others looked at us as if we belonged to a different planet. The chocolate vendor who sold us chocolates is really worth a mention for he made us feel at home and he even bid us good bye with “Phir Milenge zinda rahe tho” (See you again if we are alive, literal translation!!) The most exciting thing was the mobile phone section which was selling lot of high end smart phones including Samsung Galaxy and iphones at less than half the prices! We were all very excited and decided to buy a lot of phones for us and our family back home. But, when we actually went and had a close look at the phones and the way it functions, we came to know that the phones were all duplicates. One shop keeper even asked us “so you want originals?” which was quite shocking as we didn’t know we had to specify we needed originals! Imagine our disappointment as we had already informed a lot of people we were buying new phones for them. We ended up buying just one phone after a lot of inspection.

We had lunch at an Indian restaurant just 5 minutes walk from the mall where the food was just average. We finished our shopping by 5.30 pm and reached the airport by Metro again. We were very early to the airport and we just had a look at the huge Bangkok airport, until our legs could take it no more.



We finally boarded our flight back and to our delight, found that there was a choice of old and new movies to watch. And guess what, this was the only place where Meena didn’t sleep! We reached Bangalore Airport at 11:55 PM with the satisfaction of a well-spent 4 days in a wonderful country, in the company of close friends and of course, with dreams of our next Annual All Girls Trip :).”

With this, Meena, Priya and I, Mallika sign off with our Krabi Kronicles as we like to call our series :). A special word of thanks to my buddies, Priya and Meena for being wonderful travel companions and so easy to get along with :). And just for your information, all the wonderful pictures you see on my blog are courtesy Meena! So, till our next holiday getaway materialises, Bye from the 3 of us!



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