Aatma – Movie Review

25 Mar

On Friday evening, I had just randomly logged into Twitter and I noted some pretty decent feedback on the latest Bipasha Basu flick “Aatma”. So naturally, I decided to go check it out for myself and that turned out to be a disastrous decision.

The movie is basically about a single mother Maya, played by Bipasha and her daughter, Nia. Maya is just out of a bad marriage and is coming to terms with her life, after the death of her husband (Nawazzudin Siddiqui) in a fatal car accident. She tries hard to put on a positive face in front of her young daughter, Nia who is a sensitive child and extremely attached to her father. Nawazzudin, meanwhile appears as a ghost who wants to take his child with him to the other world and spares no means to do so.

With a very feeble storyline, the movie has absolutely nothing working for it. Bipasha is unimpressive as the young mother and most of her parts are played with no conviction. The young kid, Nia is good in the happy parts, but lacks in the emotional department. Nawazzudin Siddiqui is totally wasted as he has nothing to do in the movie, except walk around in a white t-shirt and jeans. Yes, that’s what modern ghosts wear, in case you didn’t know! Moreover, the makers have shown no element of creativity and have stuck to all possible stereotypes already created by previous Bollywood film-makers who have attempted this genre. And so, you have the Godmen who try to battle the supernatural with their mystical and religious powers, the clichéd concept of ghosts being visible only in mirrors, psychological counselors who fail to offer any feasible solutions and the likes. The only new aspect brought about in this film, although downright stupid is that ghosts can kill each other, in the same manner as humans kill, using guns, sticks etc. which implies that ghosts are no different from humans and need to go through the same cycle of life and death. In short, the writer was totally confused and needs to get his concepts sorted out first. The climax of the film, easily one of the worst I’ve seen in recent times is totally nonsensical, but you’re happy the movie has ended and finally you get to go home.

We’ve had enough of Bipasha in such roles and it’s high time she explores other arenas now. So, I shall go with 1 out of 5 stars for Aatma, in appreciation of the only good thing in the film –it got over early! It’s a short film, barely 90 minutes in totality and I’m glad, newcomer director, Suparn Verma at least got one thing right. My advice to you guys – stay away from Aatma!!


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