Aashiqui 2 – Movie Review

29 Apr

Aashiqui 2 – The latest release from the Bhatt camp came into the theatres this weekend. This film starring relatively new actors – Aditya Roy Kapoor (better known as Vidya Balan’s brother-in-law) and Shraddha Kapoor (Shakthi Kapoor’s daughter) seemed like a regular love story going by the promos and considering nowadays love stories are a rarity, I was tempted to go watch it.

I actually thought it was going to be a Rockstar meets Abhimaan story. It is, but it would be unfair to compare this with these iconic movies. The movie begins with Aditya Roy Kapoor, playing RJ, a pop-star well past his prime performing in a concert. And like all musicians portrayed in movies, he takes to alcohol to forget his worries and slowly loses all interest in his career. He then stumbles upon a fresh-faced Aarohi, played by Shraddha Kapoor who is a bar-singer in Goa and incidentally happens to be singing his own song much better than him. He is totally besotted with her voice and promises to take her to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams of becoming a big singer. She agrees and goes with him, the reason being this was the first time someone trusted her and she needs to trust him in return. After a couple of grooming and voice training sessions conducted by RJ himself, she gets a break and becomes a singing sensation overnight. And predictably during the entire process, RJ and Aarohi fall in love. People accuse RJ of using Aarohi as a means to support his failing career and a play thing to fulfill his fantasies and he gets disturbed with these allegations and wishes to go away from her so that he is not a hindrance to her career. Aarohi, on the other hand, wants him to turn into a new leaf, quit alcohol and start life afresh with her. Will RJ and Aarohi’s fortunes change and whether their love will stand the test of time is what forms the story of Aashiqui 2.

Aashiqui 2 has some dialogues which stand out and are thought provoking. The scene in which Aarohi’s mother asks her to marry RJ to gain societal acceptance or the scene in which he throws her out of the house in a fit of rage and she waits for him outside the door saying she loves him are few of the moments which melt your heart. As far as the story line is concerned, I wouldn’t say that it is extra ordinary but it is something which hasn’t been seen in Bollywood in recent times. Aarohi sticks to RJ, inspite of his many shortcomings and never loses her patience ever. RJ is never jealous and is always encouraging of Aarohi’s successes inspite of his own frustrations. Some might find all this unrealistic. But I feel this is what true love is supposed to be.

Out of the performances, the lead pair does full justice to their roles. Shraddha Kapoor is just brilliant as the vulnerable Aarohi and it seems like the role was written with just her in mind. She has beautiful eyes and that more than makes up for her slight lack in expression. Aditya Roy Kapoor too, does a good job as the frustrated musician who is incidentally the biggest cause of pains to the person he loves the most. He is a little raw in emotional sequences, but its forgivable. The music is already a huge hit with “Tum Hi Ho” already on top of all the music charts.

It’s now pretty evident that I loved the movie :P. But I would still issue a disclaimer here that this film is not for you if you’re looking for a fast-paced, intelligent or masala movie. This movie is a pure, unadulterated love story. There are no major twists and turns in the movie and the climax is pretty predictable. But again, the movie stands out because of its simplicity and kind of re-enforces your belief that true love does exist. For me, its 4 out of 5 stars for Mohit Suri’s Aashiqui 2. Some might feel its over-rated but sorry, I have a weakness for love stories and something as impactful as this, doesn’t deserve any less! I also know many of you will disagree with my review, so do let me know your views as well 🙂


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