Lucia – Kannada Movie Review

27 Sep

I’m generally not one to watch Kannada movies, but having heard rave reviews about the movie “Lucia”, I decided to go have a look. What added to my interest was that it was one among the 20 odd movies that was sent to the Oscar selection committee of the Film Federation of India. Further, it also won the Audience Choice Best Film award in the London Indian Film festival and won a slew of other such awards.

The words written by esteemed poet Kanakadasa “Nee Mayeyolego, nannolu mayeyo” is where the movie begins and this in turn, forms the theme of Lucia. The movie has 2 central characters – Nikki and Shwetha. Nikki suffers from insomnia and stumbles upon a sleeping pill which promises to not just put him into sleep, but also help him visualize happy dreams which just continue each night. Shwetha is a practical young woman of the 20th century with ambitions of her own. Telling you anything beyond this would be a crime I don’t want to commit. Its very difficult to write a summary of what Lucia is all about, without adding spoilers. All I can say that this film has an extremely gripping storyline and its definitely not one of those “leave your brains at home” types. It’s essentially touted as a psychological thriller, something that must be a first for Kannada cinema.
The main hero of the film is a dream. And soon the dream encapsulates into reality and keeps you wondering as to what comes next. Considering not many of us are familiar with the scientific reasoning of why dreams occur and what they signify, this film ventures into a dark, mysterious and fast-paced territory and takes you along at each step.

Another unique point of Lucia is that this is an entirely public funded film. The fact that the makers were unable to find a producer who could invest his money in a story of such high caliber shows the sad state of the times we’re relying in, wherein formula movies, mediocre story lines and big stars rule the roost.
This film is apparently a tribute to 100 glorious years of Indian cinema and this is a tribute with its heart in the right place. It has references to many aspects of popular Kannada cinema, Upendra, Ganesh, Sudeep to name a few and also has tongue-in-cheek references to how Kannada cinema has taken a backseat with Telugu and Tamil films ruling the roost in Karnataka.

The cast bears no big names but all the actors have given stellar performances, with lead actor Nikki, played by Satish Neenasam in an outstanding performance. The music, though not spectacular is apt and situational. Probably some of you might even guess the climax or might figure out the gist of the storyline earlier on in the movie itself, but nevertheless you still want to know where the characters are heading. There is never a dull moment in the film, though I wished the movie was half an hour shorter which could have added to the thrill.

On the whole, Lucia is not a perfect film, but it is a noteworthy effort. I wish all Kannada and other film-makers watch this film and realize the importance of a good, strong storyline. And oh, the icing on the cake is that it has English sub-titles, so don’t worry if you don’t know Kannada. You can still enjoy it. I would rate Lucia with 3.5 stars. It’s a must-watch and will make you believe in the power of your dreams!


2 Responses to “Lucia – Kannada Movie Review”

  1. Vikram September 29, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    I liked it…nice one

  2. S Yati Yatish October 17, 2013 at 4:09 pm #


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