Andaman Travelogue – Day 2

10 Oct

IMGP5268Day 2 began early with us leaving the hotel by 6 to catch a ferry to Havelock Islands. We had to go to the port and we saw a lot of ships belonging to the Indian Navy which was quite fascinating.

It was almost a 3-hour journey by sea to Havelock Islands and we spent that time catching up on lost sleep and exploring around the ship.

We arrived at Havelock to a bit of a setback. It turns out that there was a “bandh” or shutdown called by some local protest groups against the educational policies of the local government. This meant that the cabs were not allowed to operate, all shops and tourist attractions were closed and the best part, the duration of the strike was not known. The locals even feared that the strike would last 2 days and my heart almost sunk in disappointment. First the rains and now the bandh!! All the tourists who had arrived at the Havelock port were stranded and the only means of transport available were the crowded, government-run buses. We somehow managed to hop on to one of the buses and reached our resort, “Symphony Palms Beach Resort” . Our tour guide informed us that we couldn’t cover any of the activities planned for the day on account of the bandh, but he mentioned there was a beach attached to the resort which was pretty good and he left us saying he would let us know about the strike situation for the next day and plan our schedules accordingly.


We settled into the cozy but basic room and were contemplating getting back to Port Blair and modifying our itinerary, instead of staying in a bandh-ridden Havelock. Nevertheless, to counter our disappointment we decided to go and have a look at the beach attached to the resort. And to our utmost surprise, it was the most serene and beautiful beach we had ever seen! The waters were shallow, clear and cool, the view spectacular and practically had no one in near sight. We were delighted and got into the water instantly, with just the sun, the sands and the seas for company :).

After an hour or so, hunger struck and we decided to freshen up and head for lunch. While we were there, our tour guide appears suddenly and gives us the update we were waiting for. The strike was called off, the demands of the unions were met and it was back to business as usual! So, after a short afternoon siesta, we headed to the famed Radhanagar Beach. A friend told me that this beach was ranked as the best in Asia, so the expectations were sky high. This beach had a great view and had tremendous photo-ops, but I would still maintain that the best beach in Asia probably has to be Krabi! One observation was that though we were disappointed with the rains on Day 1, we felt we chose the right time to visit the Andamans as there were hardly any crowds! The weather too was just right and we reluctantly headed home. Since it was almost time for sunset, we again headed to the beach at the resort, watched the sun go down and thus ended Day 2.

Random Note: Considering Andaman is located towards the east of India, the sun rises and sets earlier than normal, so you better find ways of entertaining yourself if you can’t sleep early! But considering I sleep more than an average human being, I wasn’t complaining :P.

Do read my blog posts of Day 1, Day 3 and Day 4 as well!


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