Andaman Travelogue – Day 3

11 Oct

IMGP5393Adventure was the agenda for Day 3. We got to know of a diving institute in Havelock where scuba-diving is conducted for beginners and we had no two thoughts that this had to be our destination for the day. The instructor at the Andaman Dive Club first took us through some of the breathing techniques, the signs to be used inside the water and the kind of swimming gear we were used to wear. Later, we were also shown videos of professional scuba divers and their experiences. We were then given the swim costumes and we already felt like pros just wearing them :P.


Finally after a long wait, our turn arrived. I was a little skeptical on whether I could manage it as I saw a couple of guys who had returned back unsuccessful. I was about to venture into 12 metres deep down and I was unsure if I had it in me. But I think I took to it like a fish to water (pun intended) :P. The sight down under was something I had never imagined. Fish of so many shapes, sizes and colours were just swimming around as if I did not exist. I touched some of the coral reefs, some soft and some harder like stone. There were some fish which I thought like larger versions of the fish I have in my own aquarium back home. We had 40 minutes down and when it was over, we didn’t feel like going back. This was easily one of the most pristine experiences ever and we’ve now decided to give scuba diving a shot in more exotic locales, like Australia and the likes for a more heavenly experience. But for us, this was no less too and not too hard on the pocket as well. Rs. 3500/- per head for a beginner’s course in scuba diving. Definitely worth it! Unfortunately, I don’t have great pics to prove my point, but nevertheless here goes:


IMGP5415Later in the evening, we headed to Kala Patthar beach. This again was an isolated beach with trees adorning one side of the beach. I suppose the beach gets its name from the huge black rocks lying on the sea-shores. On the way back, we stopped at a local market and feasted on some hot gulab-jamuns before heading back for dinner to the resort.

The scuba diving was exhausting but an unforgettable experience. Highly recommended!!!

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