Andaman Travelogue – Day 4

11 Oct

Day 4 was technically our last full day in the Andamans and we had an action-packed schedule. Our first stop was to the Havelock port to get on a speed boat to reach Elephant Islands. This was one of the bumpiest boat rides ever and took about 20 minutes to get there. There were a couple of simple water sport activities to indulge in there, at decent rates. Have a look below:



IMGP5519Apart from this, we also got to do some snorkeling and were amazed at the variety of sea life even in shallow waters. After spending about 3 hours in the island, we went on a scenic mangrove safari. This was not spectacular per se, considering we have similar safaris even back home in India in places like Kerala and Karnataka, but we still enjoyed the natural beauty. We were told that all the mangroves got uprooted and destroyed at the time when the Tsunami stuck Andaman a couple of years back, but the trees had regrown since then.

View from our resort

View from our resort

By the end of all of this, we were badly tanned and our skin had started peeling off :P. We then headed back to the resort, packed our stuff and bid adieu to Havelock Islands. We had to head back to Port Blair by the same ferry we took on Day 1.

The next day we had our flight at 1 back to Chennai, and so we thought we could quickly pay a short visit to the Cellular Jail before we leave. Unfortunately for us, the Cellular Jail was closed that day too on account of some maintenance activities, and so we just had a view from outside and satisfied ourselves. IMGP5535


Snail on a postbox :)

Snail on a postbox 🙂

Thus ended our Andaman adventures. We looked horrible with the suntans and sun burns all over and I even got laughed at by my colleagues at work the next day, but nevertheless it was a good, refreshing holiday. And now, the countdown begins for the next one :).

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