Krrish 3 – Movie Review

4 Nov

After a long drought of sorts, this Diwali weekend finally saw one big banner release from the house of Rakesh Roshan – Krrish 3. By the time you read this review, chances are that the movie has already crossed the once-rare, now-common 100 crores mark, but don’t get fooled.

Krrish 3 begins with the baritone we all love, the voice of Amitabh Bachchan who reminds us what happened in the earlier 2 parts, i.e the immensely lovable Koi Mil Gaya and the magical Krrish 2. This movie kicks off by showing a small happy family, consisting of the senior Rohit Mehra who is an acclaimed scientist, his son Krishna and daughter-in-law, Priya. As expected, Priya is pregnant and the family eagerly awaits the arrival of the new bundle of joy. Meanwhile, a fatal epidemic strikes the city of Mumbai caused by a virus whose cure is known only by one company, Kaal Pharmaceuticals. This is run by the evil and paralyzed Kaal (Vivek Oberoi), who has extraordinary powers and wants the impact of the epidemic to spread and cause havoc so that once he releases the cure, his company can make huge profits. Ultimately, much to the dismay of Kaal, the city is cured thanks to a potion created by Rohit. But Kaal is not one to take things lying down and is determined to rule the world.
Unfortunately, Krrish 3 fails to impress. Well, for one, the storyline is hugely predictable and you know what’s going to happen right from the word GO. Also, the general feel and pace of the movie is highly archaic and old-fashioned, with the music to match. The songs are a huge let-down and I don’t understand how some of them have made it to the top of the charts. Priyanka Chopra is extremely unconvincing as Krrish’s wife and she mouths extremely silly dialogues like “Krrish ek soch hai” which inadvertently sounds funny.She seriously needs to re-think on her choice of roles after the debacles of Zanjeer and now Krrish 3. Also, there are hardly any comical scenes in the movie. Overall, the story is too simple and one is left hoping for a major twist in the tale, which sadly never turns up.

But Krrish 3 does have its positives. Kangana Ranaut shines in her role as the mutant Kaya and fits into the role perfectly and effortlessly. Vivek Oberoi too is pretty good as the villainous Kaal and is a good match to Krrish. Needless to say, Hrithik Roshan is fabulous as both the senior and junior Mehta and looks wonderful on screen. And lastly, the kids in the theatre were delighted and jumping in glee at every move of their superhero Krrish, and so obviously the film was targeted at the younger audiences and in that way, it works.

I would go with 2.5 out of 5 for Krrish 3. Watch if only if your kids want to and otherwise, a DVD of Koi Mil Gaya would do just as well. Though it is a feather in the hat for Indian cinema, considering all the special effects have been done in-house, I just wish they did justice to that by putting in a more intelligent storyline.


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