6-5=2 – Kannada Movie Review

9 Dec

The wave of experimental and off-beat cinema in the Kannada film industry continues with the film 6-5=2 . The catchy title and good reviews for this horror movie attracted us to the theatres and we were certainly not disappointed.

This is the story of 6 youngsters – Naveen, Prakash, Kumar, Deepa, Sowmya & Ramesh who head to a destination near Mysore for trekking and are faced with some supernatural occurences. The story telling style is really unique because it’s shot from a normal handy cam and is portrayed as if this is a recorded version of real events. This is supposedly based on a true-life incident and the makers have even shown the newspaper clippings and given due credit to the families of the people involved.

The plan is to climb the mountain and reach the top by night, camp there at a site approved by the forest department and then return back to the foothills the next day. One of them is a wannabe cinematographer and so, has a new camera and wants to shoot the whole experience in the form of a documentary to showcase his talent to established film makers later on. But they’re unable to reach the top on time and in the absence of sunlight, decide to camp at a point somewhere in between. They do come across some weird sightings in the form of a tree having skull-heads for branches, but they dismiss this and get together in putting their camping equipment in place. While the trekkers are asleep, the viewers are subject to certain spooky moments thanks to the camera. The next morning, one of them (Prakash) is sick with fever and chills and so they decide to leave him to rest at the camp spot and promise to be back within a few hours. However, they don’t return even by evening and Prakash panics and decides to go back downhill and send someone for help.

Meanwhile, the other 5 reach the top of the hill, take pics and then begin their journey downwards when they lose the way. From here, the pace of the film really picks up and you can’t help but get terrified in many scenes. The movie ends with 3 out of 6 trekkers dying, 2 missing and presumed to be dead and only 1 surviving the whole episode.

The highlight of this film is the narration without which it might have been a little tough to comprehend the scenes completely. This film has no songs and dances and just focuses on the story at hand, which is the high point of the film 6-5=2. I would rate it a 4 out of 5. The standard of this movie is comparable to similar movies of this genre churned out by Hollywood and Bollywood biggies and ranks top on my list of favourite horror movies. Go watch it! Its 2 hours of sheer horror ;).


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