Queen – Movie Review

8 Mar

Movie goers had a bonanza of sorts this weekend, with three Bollywood releases – Gulab Gang, Total Siyapaa and Queen. My first pick was Queen, considering the rave reviews it was getting across the social media platform. And I’m glad I chose that!

The movie kicks off with the blockbuster ‘London Thumakda’ set against the backdrop of a typical Indian wedding in Rajouri, Delhi. Its Mehndi night and we have aunties and uncles all shaking their hips to celebrate the upcoming wedding of their daughter, Rani with her childhood sweetheart, Vijay. But Vijay is no more the simple guy from Rajouri who wooed Rani endlessly till she agreed. He is now the globe-trotting techie who has become too big for his boots and ends up cancelling the wedding. Rani is shattered, and so is her family who try hard to cope with reality until Rani decides to head for her honeymoon trip to her dream city, Paris. Alone. The tickets were anyway booked and this would help her forget her rejection, or so she thinks. And soon, its Europe calling and Rani embarks on a trip of a lifetime.

Queen is the perfect film to have released this Women’s Day. It does not have idealistic scenarios, preachy dialogues or anything that typical women-centric films are made of. It just has a simple girl who lives her life as it comes. Nothing is right or wrong. Rani’s journey of self-discovery is inspiring and heart-warming at the same time. Rani is imperfect in more ways than one, and she does not change for anyone or anything, but just learns to embrace her imperfections.

All the supporting characters in this film have essayed spectacular performances, be it Lisa Haydon as Vijayalakshmi, the vivacious and stylish girl who helps Rani in Paris, the three room-mates who Rani has in Amsterdam or even Rani’s family back home in Rajouri. Raj Kumar Rao has a small role, but does full justice as the MCP fiancé who wants Rani under his control. You almost end up agreeing with Rani when she terms him as ‘Kuttaa’ in her Facebook post!

Further, there is no unwanted melodrama or forced song and dance routines and the screenplay is smooth. Also, inspite of the fact that Rani comes across a few men in her journey, there is no love story or unnecessary romantic tracks. Just honest friendships and real situations. Also, Rani’s transformation from a simple small-town girl to a chic modern woman is very believable and gradual, where even minute details like the mehndi colour gradually waning with time being very evident. The comic angle is generously explored and I assure you that you’ll have a smile throughout.

Queen is an almost flawless film, but if I have to point out one, I would have wished it was a tad bit shorter. Two songs stand out – London Thumakda and Gujariya and the rest don’t really matter. But Queen is an absolutely loveable film which should not be missed. Hats off to Kangana Ranaut for a performance of a lifetime and I genuinely hope she bags all the awards the coming year for the brilliance she’s portrayed on screen.

I would rate it a 4.5 out of 5. Highly Recommended!!


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