Khoobsurat – Movie Review

22 Sep

Bollywood lovers were treated to 2 big movies this week – Khoobsurat and Daawat-E-Ishq. To be honest, I personally didn’t have too high expectations from Khoobsurat as it looked pretty run-of-the-mill and the music was not very appealing. But I somehow ended up watching Khoobsurat on Friday evening and I was pleasantly surprised.

If you’re comparing the older Hrishikesh Mukherjee version of Khoobsurat with this one, I would advise you against it because apart from a skeletal structure of the storyline, there is barely any similarity. Khoobsurat is the story of Mili aka Dr. Mrinalini Chaturvedi who is a physiotherapist and goes on duty to treat an erstwhile Maharaja who has been on treatment since the past ten years. His queen, played by Ratna Pathak Shah is the strict matriarch who keeps the house running in clockwork precision where even dinner is denied if family members are few minutes late. Mili, on the other hand is extremely spontaneous, loud and clumsy and is a total misfit in the palace. And to complicate things further, the prince, Vikram Singh Rathore played by Fawad Khan falls for Mili. So, ultimately who wins in the clash of value systems is what Khoobsurat is all about.

Khoobsurat is nowhere close to being a perfect film. The screenplay is faulty, with a sense of discontinuity in different parts of the film. For example, in one scene where Sonam is seen hugging Fawad, you can see different shades of nail-polish across different shots! Also, the music is forgettable and fails to impress. The story-line too is illogical and hard to believe.

But despite all its shortcomings, Khoobsurat works! Its star cast takes the movie to a different level altogether. Sonam Kapoor is adorable as Mili and this is arguably one of her best performances till date. Fawad Khan is simply outstanding as the silent prince. He is pure eye-candy and guess what, he can act too! His voice sounds as good as he looks and all in all, he is a great package. The Maharaja, played by Aamir Raza Hussein is too cute and endearing and of course, Ratna Pathak Shah is brilliant as always. However, the cherry on the cake is Kirron Kher, who plays Manju, Mili’s mom. She of course, specializes in the ‘Punjabi Mom’ category and ends up giving us the most laughs. For me, the most memorable part of the movie was the last scene where the hero asks the girl’s mother her hand in marriage. Its sure to induce some laughs in the most critical of people :P.

I would rate Khoobsurat a 3 out of 5. It has its faults, but still manages to entertain. And if you’re a girl, there is no way you should miss this one as you’re sure to fall in love with the charming Fawad :). Everyone in the theatre was laughing and smiling all the way and I think, that’s the mark of a good film. It’s a happy, lively, light movie – definitely worth watching!!!


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